NS Design WAVE 5 Amberburst Violin Overview:

The Amberburst WAV bass gloss finish reveals the nicely grained maple underneath in all its glory. For an instrument without much surface area, the face of the WAV bass sure packs a lot of character! Leave the station wagon at home for your next gig; not only does the sleek and fast WAV electric upright bass handle like a sports coupe—it fits in one! The WAV’s compact design is modern and attractive, lightweight and compact. As an added bonus, the combination of the no-bout design with position indicator dots opens up access to the upper register of the instrument without requiring physical contortion or guesswork to get there. The WAV bass employs NS Design’s patented Polar™ pickup technology and includes a polarity switch that allows you to quickly optimize your pickup for either plucked or bowed playing. Highly adjustable, from truss rod to bridge height to a support stand that tilts, raises and lowers, you’ll play in comfort while you travel in style.


  • Maple neck and body
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • NS Polar Pickup System
  • Adjustable Truss Rod and Bridge
  • Interchangeable NS support system option